What I do

I provide a highly individualized service to women who want to improve their fashion sense and clothing options.

My wardrobe consultation creates value for my clients in several ways.

  • I build your confidence and skills,
  • I dissolve your anxiety and stress over shopping and dressing,
  • I teach you to make smart, practical purchases that extend your wardrobe,
  • I provide valuable tools and techniques you can use throughout your life that stretch your shopping dollars.

Bottom line: You end up looking great and feeling great in what you wear. And we have fun along the way. What could be better?

You change, your clothes should too

Life is full. It’s easy to overlook the fact that you’re still “making do” with clothes that used to fit well. Or, worse, you convince yourself that you don’t care about your clothes. But then you stand in your closet and cry when you have a nice place to go—or an important meeting to attend—because you have nothing to wear that you look and feel great in today.

I’ve made my share of fashion missteps. I’ve battled the closet demons that entice you to shop for quantity over quality. I know what women are up against: An endless stream of “must-have” trends that may or may not work for your shape. Relentless 24-7 marketing that sends you scurrying about for the best “deal.” Infuriatingly unrealistic body images. All this, on top of the competing demands of family, career, friends.

I’ve struggled with it all myself. But I’ve learned a few things along the way. And I love sharing my knowledge, perspectives and encouragement with other women.

My satisfied clients are the best testament to my wardrobe consultation abilities. Interested? Click here to contact me.

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“Katherine’s tips were accessible and actionable. She left me feeling prepared to brave my next trip to the mall and confident I would emerge more stylish!”

— Marguerite, working mom