Tips and ideas

Your life changes. Your perspective changes. Your body changes. Your clothes should change, too.

1. “Step away from the black shoes, ma’am.”

Shoe choices for special occasions should move beyond the old standby. Read more

2. One-piece dressing…not just for babies anymore.

Simple and chic, dresses can rescue your craziest mornings. Read more

3. Know when to move on.

Your clothes should work for your body and your life now…it might even change your outlook. Read more

4. Goldilocks and the three closets.

Too little or too much…both can produce wardrobe distress. Read more

Check out some of my favorite websites
Check out my blog, “Style and Substance,” to learn more about my fashion philosophies.
A site that showcases my recommendations for great beauty products, jewelry and wardrobe basics.
A good source for places to snag deals and dreamy pieces in the Twin Cities. and
By the Pioneer Press’ shopping columnist, this site offers unbiased, insightful and entertaining snapshots of locally owned boutiques. Check the blog for tips on sales and hot merchandise.
Great designer threads at discount prices. Need a skirt? You can search by length, color, designer, size–shopping has never been so simple.
It might seem obvious, but you can score some serious deals on great threads and accessories in the world’s marketplace…and find a taker for your cast-offs, while you’re at it.

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“Katherine is like a doula, but for clothes! When you know what you're doing, you enjoy shopping more and the fear factor disappears. I feel empowered.”

— Suneeta, planning analyst